Founders Circle

Hidden Water is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

Tax ID #: 47-5130674

In these #MeToo times, the demand for Hidden Water’s programs has grown exponentially. After five years as an entirely volunteer-run organization, the demand for our programs has far exceeded our capacity.

In March 2019, friends of Hidden Water launched a Founders Circle to support us at this pivotal time. The aim is to generate the initial financial backing needed so we can for the first time hire staff and become eligible for multi-year grants. In order to secure this kind of funding, Hidden Water must demonstrate an existing community of support—that’s where you come in.

Our goal is to gather 100 Founders Circle members.

This is important because there is power in numbers—especially on this issue.  By coming together as a Founders Circle, we are making it safer for everyone to come forward.

Membership in the Founders Circle is a one-time contribution between $1,000 and $10,000 (tax deductible).

Please join us today.

Matching Gifts
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Please ask your employer and/or look up your company’s name here to see whether your company has a matching gift policy. If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled!


With our deepest gratitude, we would like to acknowledge
the generosity and courage of our (still expanding) Hidden Water Founders Circle


A Call to Men

Align Whole Health Coaching

Maurice Anderson


Aristeia Capital

Julie Asplund

Kyra Tirana Barry

Jennifer Bernstein

Peter Bernstein

Blair Borthwick

John Borthwick

Dominick & Mary Ann Brancato

Ted Bunch

Julie Burke

Jenny Carragher

Tony Castrigno

Elizabeth Clemants

Phyllis Clemants

Curt Clemenson

Vanessa Cornell

Dawn Hill Fund

James N. Donahue

Sarah Berner Donahue

Melissa Dormer

John Dormer

LTomay Douglas

The Folit Family

David Gruber

The Gullang Family

Michelle Gutierrez

The Hermer Family

Monique Hoeflinger in honor of
the brave men & women who take
responsibility after causing harm

Mary Hoeveler

Kimberly Holly & Charlie Gross

Nancee Hwa

The Iris-Kaplan Foundation

Gilliane Isabelle

Lisa Kirsch D.C.

John Kleinig

Elana Kobrin

Mandy Lam & Michael Hanna

Lara Lerner

Lorry Lichtenstein & Beth Treacey

Alison Locker

Lela Love

William Mann

Anne Marie McFadyen

Felise Nguyen in honor of all
who believe that love is the
highest justice

Nga & Hai Nguyen

Glen Parker

Jacqueline Parker

Rick Pederson

Margo Pinto

Caren Rabbino

Robin Renzi

Jessica Rothberg

Rubin Family Philanthropic Foundation

Atoosa Rubenstein

Ari Rubenstein

Anonymous in honor of Atoosa Rubenstein

Stephanie Sacks in honor of all the individuals & families that are living in truth no matter how painful

Robert Sand

Coren Sharples

Connie Sopic

spoon + fork

Cissy Stamm

Deborah Starr

Shirley Loeb in honor of Deborah Starr

Kathleen Tait

Jennifer Vecchio

Elizabeth Wang & John Delaney

Steve Wruble

Suejin Yang & Will Lee


To date, 89 individuals and organizations have joined our Founders Circle — bringing us to 89% of our goal. Thank You, Founders!

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You can also join our Founders Circle by donating securities to Hidden Water. A gift of securities held for at least a year and which have appreciated in value can create a capital gains tax savings for you.

Thank you for your gift.


If you are not able to join the Founders Circle, please consider making a contribution at an amount that is right for you. With your support, more individuals and families can heal from childhood sexual abuse.

Thank you for your generosity.