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Multi-Color Circles

Hidden Water is committed to providing a safe space for all to further their healing from the harm of childhood sexual violation and/or abuse. While our Family System Circle is an opportunity for a family system to heal together, not everyone is part of a family system that is ready or would ever be willing or able to participate. In some cases, the people involved have passed away. Therefore, we created Multi-Color Circles as a surrogate opportunity to do restorative systems work together.


The impact by childhood sexual abuse is felt by many - those who were harmed (Green), those who harmed (Purple), those who had responsibility for keeping a child from being harmed and/or from harming but did not do so (Orange), and others who were impacted by the abuse more indirectly (Blue).

Participants who have completed at least one 12-week Healing Circle may wish to continue their healing process in a Multi-Color Circle. A Multi-Color Circle is comprised of individuals who are not a part of the the same family system or community in which the abuse took place, but of individuals of each of the four colors, who have also completed Hidden Water Healing Circles, and who are also interested in being in a restorative Circle process together.

Multi-Color Circles flow much in same the way our Healing Circles do:

Week 1:  Introductions

Week 2: Values and Guidelines

Week 3: A Path from Harm to Healing

Week 4-10: Individually Lead Circles*

Week 11: What Has Changed For Me?

Week 12: How Will I Continue My Healing Moving Forward?

*Each participant leads the Circle, answering the question “What is the growing edge of my healing?”  

By design, Multi-Color Circles give individuals an opportunity to generate the experience that they would have liked to have had with those who were actually involved, i.e. to feel seen, heard and witnessed in their unique experience with childhood sexual abuse, and to heal in community.

To participate in a Multi-Color Circle, you first need to complete at least one 12-week Healing Circle in the color that best represents your experience. If you feel that participating in a Multi-Color Circle could benefit you, please let your Circle Keeper(s) know and/or contact us.

When we have enough interest and capacity from all colors, we will begin a process to organize a Multi-Color Circle and someone from Hidden Water will reach out to those who have expressed interest, and let them know about the opportunity to participate.