[Documentary] Hollow Water


Hollow Water is the name of the community that inspired the name Hidden Water.  We feel a deep, humble privilege to consider ourselves standing upon the great and courageous shoulders of the Hollow Water community and of all the wise elders and truth seekers and truth tellers who have come before us. You can watch this powerful 48 minute documentary — directed by Bonnie Dickie and presented by the National Film Board of Canada — for free here.   

“Hollow Water profiles the tiny Ojibway community of Hollow Water on the shores of Lake Winnipeg as they deal with an epidemic of sexual abuse in their midst. The offenders have left a legacy of denial and pain, addiction and suicide. The Manitoba justice system was unsuccessful in ending the cycle of abuse, so the community of Hollow Water took matters into their own hands. The offenders were brought home to face justice in a community healing and sentencing circle. Based on traditional practices, this unique model of justice reunites families and heals both victims and offenders. The film is a powerful tribute to one community's ability to heal and create change.”