Circle Voices :: Orange


A participant from a recent Orange Circle shared this with us last week. We thought we would share it here so that others could be as inspired as we are, to keep doing the sometimes hard and uncertain work of healing, and being part of the healing journey of others.

Dear Hidden Water,

When I heard about your organization, it felt as if I had been thrown a rope to pull myself up out of swampy quicksand. Although the abuse, which I had suspected but not witnessed, had taken place decades before, the pain for my niece was still present and the way that the surrounding adults had failed her had never been addressed by any of us.

The pain and shame of being one of those adults was always with me, as well. I know I cannot change what happened to her or all that we did not do to help her at the time and perhaps I will never fully be free of shame for my part in that. But the work that happened in the Orange Circle – listening to the stories of others, telling my story in a place where I was not judged, learning about the stages of coping with abuse – helped me understand what I could do to be helpful to my niece now, in the present.

I traveled to see her some weeks after the Circle concluded and we were able to talk openly about her anger and sadness, which she had never felt safe to talk about before. I believe we have started to create a relationship based on love and truth, which was something I had wanted for a long time but had not known how to move toward until my work with Hidden Water […]

We have had the privilege of hearing powerful things like this over the years after a Circle completes. If it seems helpful, we will start using this forum to share this kind of inspiration (with permission), and call it “Circle Voices”. If you find these reflections from past participants helpful and inspirational, write us a quick note and let us know.