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Circle breaks the cycle

A restorative justice approach for all who are impacted by childhood sexual abuse


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Our Mission

Hidden Water is a restorative justice approach to breaking the cycle of childhood sexual abuse and transforming harm into shared healing.

We work with individuals and families in restorative Healing Circles, with the mission to transform life after abuse from an isolating experience of quiet shame into one marked by profound strength, dignity, and collective healing.

We also aim to help pave new ways to engage in transformational healing of all kinds of harm, not only child sexual abuse.


Our Model

Our model is based on the indigenous practice of Peacemaking Circles, and founded on the belief that childhood sexual abuse harms not only the person directly impacted, but harms the entire web of connected relationships.

We offer an opportunity for each person affected to do the work they need in a Healing Circle, with others who share a similar experience, and in time, support the repair and rebalancing of the system of relationships that have been impacted.  

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The process always begins with participation in a 12-week Healing Circle.


Green Circle for those who were harmed as a child or young person
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Purple Circle for those who caused harm and are ready to take responsibility
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Blue Circle for those who have a relationship with someone who harmed or was harmed
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Orange Circle for parents and caregivers of those who harmed or were harmed
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After completion of at least one 12-week Healing Circle, you can request to continue your process in a Systems Circle.


Family System Circle for those who identify as a family and who have all completed at least one Healing Circle
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Multi-Color Circle for those who have completed at least one Healing Circle and would like to circle with others who have done the same Learn more →


Join A Circle

Each Healing Circle meets either in-person or online, runs for approximately 12 weeks, and is designed to provide a supportive environment for healing in community.

Each Healing Circle creates the opportunity for each person to do their own healing work and does not require any other specific person to participate in the process.

Each Healing Circle is facilitated by at least one trained Circle Keeper who also identifies as part of that group.

All Circles are free.


Our small organization has a wide reach.  

Hidden Water serves people all over the world, and our circle is ever-widening.  

Every pin represents a state where someone has participated in a Hidden Water Healing Circle. We have also served people in England, Indonesia and Zambia.


There is a path from harm to healing.


We believe there is nothing that we can’t heal from together.

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“Shame is the lowest vibration a human can feel. It is such a hard feeling to hold. You can’t hold it alone.”

— Elizabeth Clemants, Founder of Hidden Water

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